by Billy Ponzio

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My first authoral-experimental album, made with drums, metallophone and synthesizers.

ABOUT THE ALBUM (hear the musics with headphones)

TEMA 1: 6/8 with simple, loose melody that keeps the natural balance of this time. Tried to play more aggressively in a kind of jazz-rock using phrases and solos in concert-tones inspired by Casey Scheuerell with Jean Luc Ponty, Neil Peart, Billy Cobham etc...

TEMA 2: A topic that it works like the "conversation" between the glockenspiel and drums. The glockenspiel "question" and the drums "answers" until both come together in a quick shot beat on the hi hat, inspired in my idol Jo Jones.

TEMA 3: When I got this melody, trying to get something with a more tribal African "spirit." In tried to make a rhythm marking the "key" on the bass drum and the left hand with caxixi. The right gives the beat in a constant "free hand" roll inspired by Johnny Rabb.

TEMA 4: On 11/8, is almost a waltz. I tried to work harder climate and experience more sound. I called my friend Daniel Tucci to make a solo viola, and put effects to create an unusual atmosphere.

TEMA 5: In 5/4, was one of the first songs I created. It was inspired by my idol Joe Morello.

TEMA 6: This is a more experimental subject, 2 parts, where I tried to mix jazz-swing with synthesizer. Further, it develops into a kind of pyrotechnic march in 3/4 which use one-hand-roll with the left hand and attacks the "bells" with the right, then walking to the face "concert tones" with sound effects.

TEMA 7: Fear candidly inspired by the samba-beats of my idols Edison Machado, Milton Banana and Wilson das Neves. Begins with a primitive tambourine along the nice voices of Chris Starr, Claudia Bock and Silvana Ponzio. Then forwards it to the glockenspiel and drums, culminating in a kind of rhythmic ground where I in their midst "where hand roll" with the left and syncope in cowbells and cascara, with the right.

TEMA 8: Baião mood with 2 times. The first very slow and dragged continues until fade with lightweight double keyboard background. Then breaking the silence enter a energic bea with cowbells twice the progress on "growing". Finish the song with drums alone in a triangle inspired beat by playing with the right hand between the hi-hat and greek cymbal.

TEMA 9: In 9/8, perhaps along with the "Track 6" is the most experimental of the disc. Symple groove, with emphasis on climate futuristic synthetizer, inspired on the sound of "Nerve" from Jojo Mayer, as well as time on 9/8 was inspired by the sound of Mahavishnu Orchestra.

TEMA 10: Single theme played entirely with brushes, and last music of the session record (all on the same day. exception TEMA 1 recorded 2 weeks before) this is a light and ethereal theme. The battery was ending ... lol

Hope you enjoy,
METALODRUM personnel:
Billy Ponzio (drums, metallophone, synthesizers, pandeiro on "Tema 7")
Special guests:
Daniel Eid Tucci (viola on "Tema 4")
Silvana Ponzio, Chris Starr, Claudia Bock (vocal on "Tema 7")
Produced by Frank Herzberg and Billy Ponzio at FHStudio, 2014.
All Compositions and arrangements by Billy Ponzio
Art Cover: Billy Ponzio


released April 11, 2014

Music and Cover design by Billy Ponzio
Record, Mix and Master by Frank Herzberg



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Billy Ponzio São Paulo, Brazil

Brazilian drummer working with classic jazz and experimental music.
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Track Name: TEMA 7 (Feat. Trio Vocal)
"Adeus, já vou andando...
Não sei se vou voltar.
O Samba está me chamando
E ali é o meu lugar..."